Industrial Partners

CertiCon a.s. is a Czech company established 1996 in Prague, specialized in the design, development, and testing of software and firmware, as well as in the design, development, testing, diagnostics, and simulation of integrated circuits.
LieberLieber LieberLieber Software GmbH is an Austrian software engineering company, specialized in model engineering and technologies such as large-scale interactive multi-touch devices.

Academic Partners

TU Wien - BIG The Business Informatics Group (BIG) is a research group of the Institute of Information Systems Engineering at the TU Wien. Given its name, the group focuses on business informatics that integrates theory and methods of organizational science and computer science. In particular, BIG works on those information technology aspects that have a significant effect on the way organizations do their business. Thereby, BIG addresses the gap between the business strategy on why/what to do and the information technology aspect on how to do it by electronic means.